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License to install on-prem / private cloud / on-site
One unit grants the license to process 100.000 pages. Volume discounts start with 5, 20, 50 and 100 ordered units. Discounts are calculated automatically.
Professional Direct: Technical IT Support
One unit relates to the support of one user: Infrastructure consulting, detailed integration work, high-touch troubleshooting and diagnostics, Konfuzio Server deployment and API integration.
Professional Direct: AI Support
One unit relates to the support of one user to configure Konfuzio, define the document data structure and thus train AI for long-term stability.
One time payments
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Additional Support
If you have not booked a support flat, we charge for services per hour.
Additional Page
Any additional page that exceeds the limit.
Human Annotator: 8 hours
A Human Annotator (m/f/d) trained by us is available via e-mail to annotate documents according to your guidelines.
This service causes recurring costs.
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